Keeping Chickens in Schools

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Pupils are excited to see their new school chickens arrive

Keeping Chickens is increasingly popular in UK schools and they can be a beneficial addition in several ways. Here are some reasons why chickens could be ideal for YOUR setting:

  1. Educational Value: Chickens provide hands-on learning opportunities for students. They can learn about the life cycle of chickens, observe and study their behaviour and understand concepts related to biology, animal care and agriculture.
  1. Responsibility and Care: Keeping chickens requires responsibility and care, which can teach students important life skills such as empathy, teamwork and commitment. Students can take turns feeding, watering and cleaning the chicken coop, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability.
  1. Connection with Nature: Having chickens in schools allows students to connect with nature and experience first-hand the care and nurturing of living creatures. It can promote an appreciation for the environment and foster a sense of stewardship.
  1. Emotional Well-being: Interacting with animals, such as chickens, has been shown to have a positive impact on emotional well-being. Chickens can provide a calming and therapeutic effect, and they can serve as companions for students who may benefit from animal-assisted therapy.
  1. Food Production and Sustainability: Chickens can contribute to a school’s sustainability efforts by providing a source of fresh eggs. Students can learn about food production, nutrition, and the importance of sustainable practices. Additionally, the organic waste produced by chickens can be used for composting, creating a closed-loop system within the school.
  1. Community Engagement: Keeping chickens in schools can foster community engagement and involvement. It can be an opportunity for parents, local farmers or volunteers to contribute their knowledge and experience, creating partnerships and strengthening the school community.

Starting to keep chickens requires careful planning and consideration of factors such as space, proper care and safety for the birds and students.  We strongly believe in the benefits of poultry for all settings. We are able to offer FREE expert guidance to help you choose the ideal set-up and birds for your school. This allows you to save time and money creating a solution, tailored to what you are looking to achieve. Not only are we able to provide hens, coops and accessories, we also provide FREE after sales support for the life of your flock. We are available at the end of the phone 7 days a week for any issues you may have.