Automatic Door Unit by Nestera

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The Automatic Door Unit by Nestera can be set to open and close dependent on light levels or at specific times, so you don’t have to wake up when your chickens do! It also includes a manual open and close function.

Designed and manufactured using high-grade electronics encased in a weatherproof casing, the Nestera Automatic Door Opener is very simple to fit, set up and operate and includes all fixings, batteries and operating instructions. It now features extra big buttons so you can programme the unit with your gloves on in the winter.

Capable of lifting 1.5KG, the unit is extremely reliable and includes a 3-year warranty.

Suitable for use with sliding doors on Nestera plastic chicken coops and other coops with vertical doors.


1 x Nestera Automatic Door Opener
1 x User Manual
4 x 25mm A2 Stainless Steel M4 Bolt, Washer and Nyloc Nuts
4 x AA Batteries

We LOVE this product and have found it far superior to leading brands on the market which seem to suffer with calibration and de-spooling issues. You may find cheaper brands out there, but you’ll be buying twice!

We use ours with high quality rechargeable batteries and only need to swap them out twice a year, making them economical and eco-conscious to use.

This is the ONE item that we wished everyone would buy as soon as they bought their coop instead after losing their flock to a hungry fox. It’s so easy to forget to lock up your birds. They deserve one of these to keep them safe from predators and free from cold draughts.

‘Life with chickens just got 100% easier and Ive had my first lie in in years!’

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