Large Lodge Coop by Nestera

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Large Lodge Coop by Nestera: Fits up to 8/9 bantams and 5 large chickens

Best of Both Worlds

Nestera took the best features of both the Ground and Raised coops to create the perfect all-rounder.

The Lodge is low enough for young hens to access the coop via its ramp but high enough to provide a sheltered area under the coop for protection from the sun and rain.

Elevated Position

Raised 22.5cm off the ground, the Lodge is easier to keep clean and provides your hens protection from ground frost, as well as keeping vermin away from the coop.

Easy Clean Coop

Dirt doesn’t stick to the smooth interior surfaces, so regular cleaning only involves a quick hose-down – no harsh chemicals needed.

Cleaning a Nestera coop is even quicker with Removable Droppings Trays, which are easily accessible via the coop’s large rear door. Quick-release clips allow any section of the coop to be taken apart easily for a deep clean.

And the best part? They dry in seconds, so no more waiting for wooden panels to dry!

Goodbye Red Mite

Nestera coops’ smooth interiors solve one of chicken keeping’s most persistent problems by leaving nowhere for red mites to hide. Infestations quickly become a thing of the past!

External Dimensions

Height: 995mm

Width: 1385mm (inc. nestbox)

Depth: 1279mm (inc. ramp)

Internal Dimensions

Width: 1210mm (inc. nestbox)

Depth: 800mm

“My chickens love it. I purchased the Large Lodge for my 7 chickens, so they have lots of room to manoeuvre. I love that I’m able to hose the whole coop down which in turn helps to reduce mites and other infestations. My last wooden coop lasted less than 2yrs. With this one, I can’t think i’ll need a new coop for a long long time.”

Our Opinion: These are perfect if you want something raised off the ground slightly but still with a ramp. This helps deter rodents from nesting underneath. The chickens can shelter from the sun or rain under the coop or make a useful dust bathing area. This height is suitable for all birds except young chicks. By being slightly raised, it’s less wear and tear on the back for retrieving eggs and cleaning out too x


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