Medium Ground Coop by Nestera

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Medium Ground Coop by Nestera fits to 5 large hens or 9 bantams 

Perfect starter coop

The Ground Coop is the ideal entry-level coop for anyone new to keeping chickens. Immediately preventing one of the biggest problems faced by chicken keepers: red mite, thanks to a genuine design.

Easy cleaning

The coop’s interior is easy to clean with nothing more than a quick hose-down. It dries in moments, so no more waiting for wooden panels to dry!

Easily accessible via the coop’s large rear door, our Removable Droppings Trays make the cleaning process even simpler

Ideal for Broody Hens

The Ground Coop sits low to the ground providing easy access for broody hens and young chicks. It can also be used as a secondary coop for isolating a sick or broody hen from the rest of the flock.

No More Red Mite

Using intelligent design, we have solved one of the biggest problems faced by chicken keepers – the smooth recycled plastic inside our coops leaves nowhere for red mites to hide. Your hens will thank you!

Make Life Simple

Cleaning a Nestera coop is even quicker with Removable Droppings Trays, which are easily accessible via the coop’s large rear door.

Quick-release clips allow any section of the coop to be taken apart easily for a deep clean.

External Dimensions
Height: 780mm
Width: 780mm (incl. nestbox)
Depth: 1000mm

Internal Dimensions
Width: 800mm
Depth: 590mm

The Nestera Door Opener, Nestera Coop Camera and Medium Droppings Trays are all perfect accessories for this coop.

“I was struggling to get on top of red mite in my wooden shed. I kept looking at these but wasn’t sure whether to invest. The 25 year guarantee as well as the easy clean and the fact my hens were suffering swayed me! Easy to assemble and so much easier to clean than my old wooden one.”

Our Opinion: If you are looking to buy your first coop or replace an old wooden one, you really can’t go wrong with this. It has just the right amount of capacity, not too big or too small and will suit any breed or species. This makes it endlessly adaptable and will be the coop you WISHED you had bought the first time around!


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