Large Raised Coop by Nestera

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Large Raised Coop by Nestera:

Shelter from the elements

Elevated 45cm off the ground, the Raised Coop features a sheltered area under the coop to offer your flock protection from the sun, wind and rain, as well as providing a secure space for them to feed and play.

Protection from predators

The additional Run provides full protection from predators. Manufactured with ‘anti-chew’ solid steel weld mesh with a durable PPA coating, it includes a wide mesh skirt around its entire perimeter, making tunnelling nearly impossible.

Easy to move when connected to the Raised Coop, the Run is ideal for keeping wild birds and rats away from food and drink.

Easy to move

The optional Wheelset allows you to effortlessly move your Raised Coop to wherever you want it.

Quick-release clips let you add or remove the Wheelset in seconds and dual pre-cut slots in the base of the Raised Coop provide a disengaged resting position.

Easy cleaning

The smooth recycled plastic leaves nowhere for red mite to hide, and the coop’s interior is easy to clean with nothing more than a quick hose-down. It dries in moments, so no more waiting for wooden panels to dry!

Easily accessible via the coop’s large rear door, our Removable Droppings Trays make the cleaning process even simpler

Ideal feeding area

The raised area under the coop provides the perfect place to keep food and drink out of the rain.

The additional 3m Run’s lockable rear access hatch keeps your hens’ food safe from vermin and wild birds.

External Dimensions

Height: 1170mm

Width: 1385mm (inc. nestbox)

Depth: 800mm (lader adds additional 620 mm to depth)

Internal Dimensions

Width: 1210mm (inc. nestbox)

Depth: 800mm

Purchased the Large Raised coop – easy to put together, easy to clean, chickens seem happy in it – what more can you ask for!
“Had wooden coops for years, wish I had bought this in the first place.”

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